The land with an infinite variety of natural beauties.
From the Andes, the Atacama Desert and the rain forest in the Amazon basin,
the ideal country if you want to combine cultural and nature tourism.

Bolivia Highlights

Be amazed in this vast and ancient land, a pearl of South America

Bolivia is a country in central South America, with a varied terrain.
At more than 3,500 m high, it is the country with the largest lake on the continent, the crystalline Lake Titicaca, which extends along the border with Peru.
Each place in Bolivia has its peculiarity and a strong natural identity. Six places have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO: the city of Potosí, the Jesuit missions of Chiquitos, the historical city of Sucre, the Fort of Samaipata, Tiahuanaco: spiritual and political center of its culture and finally, the natural park Noel Kempff Mercado.

The People

The Plurinational State of Bolivia, better known as Bolivia, is one of the most diverse countries in South America.
It has a population of 11.35 million inhabitants, 36 ethnic groups live together on its lands and more than 75% of them are within the Amazon basin, which means that you could easily spend several weeks researching their culture and natural wealth.

The Language

The official languages of Bolivia is Spanish and all the languages of the native nations and indigenous peoples. Among the latter, the most widespread are Aymara, Quechua and Guaraní. Other indigenous languages are: araona, baure, bésiro, canichana, cavineño, cayubaba, chácobo, chimán, that ejja, among others.

However, it is possible to communicate in English at the three, four and five star hotels.

Bolivia in our blog

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Best time to go

The best season for visiting depends on what you want to do.
From May to October is the best time to visit Bolivia, as the dry weather brings sapphire skies and less travel disruption. This is the Bolivian winter, though, so the highlands will be cold – and well below freezing in the desert at night, particularly in June-July. The humid jungle, however, benefits from the cooler temperatures.
The start of the dry season, from April to May, has lower prices and fewer crowds, but still feels fresh from the recent rains. October to November are also dry but warmer, as spring approaches and crowds disperse.

Useful travel tips to Argentina


A valid Passport.
Most countries in America and
Western Europe do not require a visa.
Insurance information.


Major credit cards are widely accepted.


Bolivian flights allow, as their restrictions are limited to 50 pounds (23 kg) per person.


It’s best to dress in layers.
Hat & Sunscreen (factor 35 or higher).
Waterproof coat / jacket or rain poncho.
Comfortable pants.
Insect repellent & personal medications.

Altitude Sickness

It is not unusual in the Andes.
Take it easy and try not to do anything too strenuous.
Check with your doctor before coming if in doubt.


Bolivia: 220 V – 60 Hz.
Some older buildings in La Paz still use 110 V.
Plugs Type C / F.

More about Bolivian Culture

Bolivian culture has many Inca and other Indian influences in religion, music and clothing, such as the well known bowler hats. The best known fiesta is the UNESCO heritage “El carnaval de Oruro”. Entertainment includes football, which is the national sport, played in many street corners. Also, zoos are a popular attraction with a diverse population of interesting creatures. Also, Bolivia is full of a variety of festivals, including special dance celebrations, such as the Carnaval de Oruro.

Main touristic places

Titicaca Lake

The vast sea-like lake Titicaca lake is the highest navigable lake on the planet, as it is more than 3,800 meters above sea level. Located in the Andean Altiplano, it belongs to Bolivia and Peru

Uyuni Salt Flat

One of the main attractions of South America.
It is a salt landscape that extends over 10,000 km2, distorting all perspective. At 3,656 meters above sea level it is also bitterly cold, with a blazing sun and blinding white glare, offering a striking image at any time of year.


Presided over by the Cerro Rico, more than 4,800 meters high, Potosí is one of the most beautiful colonial cities. In it you will find several churches of baroque style and the spectacular Casa de la Moneda, place where millions of coins were minted with silver from the mines for which Potosí is known.


Sucre is a pleasant city due to its calm atmosphere. The historic center of Sucre was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco thanks to its good state of preservation, which takes us back to the days when Bolivia was a Spanish colony.
There is also the Franciscan monastery of La Recoleta. It is a religious building founded in the seventeenth century on the slopes of the Churuquella hill, so it offers incredible views of the city.

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